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Leading The Way

Phillips has a history of leadership in seafood sustainability and is committed to environmental impact initiatives
within the seafood industry.

Steve Phillips is leading the way in crab sustainability.
His vision for a sustainable Blue Swimming Crab resource moves forward.

Here's what's been happening at Phillips and with Phillips' leadership initiatives:
  • Steve Phillips delivers sustainability address with NOAA at the smithsonian Institution in Wahington, DC.
  • Phillips initiates the Fishery Improvement Fund for fish species in need of support; contributing USD 3¢ per pund of fish and 1.5¢ per pound of crabmeat sold to the fund.
  • An initial check for USD 5,000 was presented to the Sustainable Fisheries Partnership (SFP) at the International Boston Seafood Show in March.
  • Phillips adopts NFI minimum size requirements for crab catch in US and Asia.
  • Seafood Champion Awarded to Steve Phillips by the Seafood Choices Alliance for his vision and leadership establishing a thriving blue swimming crab industry that is now on the path to sustainability across Asia.
  • Phillips launches new sustainability logo on crab meat cans and master cartons.
  • Steve Phillips and Ed Rhodes provide push for the formation of an association of "Seafood Sustainability Directors" to coordinate broader US industry efforts.
  • Steve Phillips and Asian team initiate dialog with World Wildlife Fund on crab fishery sustainability in Vietnam.
  • Phillips initiates program across global operations to reduce energy and water use and minimize waste in processing.
  • NFI Crab Council provides major funding for crab fishery improvement programs in Indonesia and the Philippines.
  • Phillips adds NFI Crab Council sustainability logo to packaging to promote the new program. Launching Winter 2010.
  • Steve Phillips speaks at Seafood Summit in Paris to promote crab sustainability.
  • Steve Phillips and Asian team lead Crab Council efforts to form crab producer associations in Thailand and India.
  • Steve Phillips begins Philippine and Indonesian Embassy visits to promote crab sustainability.
  • Steve Phillips meets with Secretary of Agriculture in Philippines.
  • Steve Phillips organizes meeting of US importers of crab meat to form industry group.
  • Crab Council officially forms for US importers under National Fisheries Institute.
  • Phillips organizes crab fact finding trip for World Bank to Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines in effort to gain understanding of crab fishery in Asia.
  • Phillips partners with Sustainable Fisheries Partnership.
  • APRI conducts MSC pre-assessment of crab industry.
  • Phillips launches Barramundi aquaculture farm for sustainably grown fish species.
  • Steve Phillips and Asian team organize first meeting of Philippine crab producers; leads to the formation of PACPI.
  • Created the Division of Aquaculture & Sustainability.
  • Hired two well-known marine biologists, Ed Rhodes & Rob Garrison to lead the sourcing, aquaculture and sustainability effort for Phillips.
  • Steve Phillips and Asian team organize first meeting of Indonesian crab producers leading to the formation of APRI.