About Phillips Foods
The Legend of Phillips

The story of Phillips dates back to 1914 as a quality-driven, family-owned company on a small island in the Chesapeake Bay called Hoopers Island. Augustus E. Phillips established our first seafood processing plant on Maryland’s Chesapeake Bay and from that spawned a nearly 100 year history for Phillips. Chapter two begins in 1956 when son Brice Phillips and his wife, Shirley, took the surplus of crabs from the plant to a small resort town on the shore and opened the first “crab shack” in Ocean City, MD. That first location has evolved into Phillips Seafood Restaurants which now operates seven high-volume restaurants in the Eastern United States, as well as a growing network of franchises in major airports around the country. Today, our company remains family-owned and operated by three generations of the Phillips family.

In 1990, son Steve Phillips started chapter three in the history of the family business by finding a way to satisfy the growing demand the restaurants had for quality crab meat. He discovered that there was blue swimming crab in Southeast Asia that was nearly identical to the crab in the Chesapeake Bay. Phillips began opening crab processing facilities around the world to meet the demand for crab meat that the domestic market couldn’t fill. Today, the company sells their crab meat to their own restaurant guests, consumers in grocery stores and other restaurant chefs for their own crab dishes.

Owning and operating plants as well as restaurants has placed Phillips in a unique niche in the foodservice world. Phillips understands the needs of restaurateurs and the demand for quality products.

Though we began as a small seafood restaurant in Ocean City, Maryland, there’s a great story behind Phillips brand and our global presence today.

Join company co-founder Shirley Phillips as she narrates this video history of the magic that is Phillips.

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The “original” crab house restaurant

Founders Brice & Shirley catching crabs

A busy Saturday night in the kitchen