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21 years in the Navy, been to a lot of countries, dined at great restaurants. I found your product by accident and it is some of the best I have ever had. Well prepared, delicious and easy to fix. I will search out other products from your company to enjoy. Keep up the good work.
Russ, Benton KY

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your products. Your crab cakes, and stuffed pretzels are better than any homemade I have ever had, and your soups are also delicious! Keep up the good work, you have a fan in PA!!!
Joyce, Freeland PA

I hesitated buying a canned crab product but I am not sorry that I took the chance. This crab is wonderful! It's like buying fresh crab claws without all the work. Solidly packed to the top of the can, it was great! I will be purchasing this product on a regular basis! I'm so glad that I discovered it!
Nancy, Indianapolis IN

I love your shrimp. The steam bag is brilliant! Thanks for making a healthy product for my family!
Pat, Newtown Square, PA

Just wanted to let you know, that I made crab cakes from your lump crab meat and followed your recipe. They were the best I have ever eaten.... Congratulations on such a great product and recipe... I will buy them again and again........
Robert, South Plainfield, NJ

I just wanted to let you know your frozen products are delicious! Many companies say their frozen foods are restaurant quality, but yours is the only one that can truthfully make that statement.
Kim, Schnecksville, PA

My husband & I just love your seafood. We can't get enough of it & make it at least 5 times a week. We buy all your products or whatever the stores are carrying at the time. We have found many ways to use them in our meals from breakfast omelets to dinner main meals to snacks. Keep up the good work.
Daryl, Spring Hill, FL

I just wanted to thank your company for making great food and for allowing a Baltimorean, who misses home dearly to have a little piece of home while away.
Sarah, Largo, FL

COMPLIMENTS! Have to tell you how much my family just LOVES (all) of your {PHILLIPS} Products! Especially your Crab Cakes & Seafood Seasonings. The BEST! Thought you may like hearing this.
Thanks! Thomas, Nazareth, PA

I want thank you for such a great product. Your crab cakes are as good as it gets.
Warren, Sugarhill, GA

Asian Rhythms Pineapple Sweet Chile Sauce

I recently received a bottle of the above named product from a friend who works at US Foods here in Las Vegas, NV. This sauce is absolutely amazing. Not only have I used it all :-( but I am unable to find a local store who carries it. Would you please let me know how I can purchase more of the awesome sauce? It is so versatile and tasty. Thank you so very much for your time.
Carla, Las Vegas, NV

Our family is absolutely in love with your crab cakes. We buy 5 boxes at a time for one meal! We have tried other brands and were very disappointed, rest assured we will not try that again. We also love your crab rangoons, and your bacon wrapped scallops. We just love your company’s products!! We'd be thrilled to receive coupons! Thanks so much for such a quality product!
Morgan, Martinsburg, WV

Your Crab Cakes are the best I have ever had by far!
Scott from Columbus, GA

Thank you for having Crab Claw Meat among your products — it works great with a recipe I have for garlicky linguine with crabmeat. And my children love it!
Christina from FL

Hey Great Crab Cakes! Wow! I’ve been munchin’ on those 140-calorie crab cakes of yours and — I couldn’t be a happier dieter.
Thank you, Elli

I bought some Crab and Shrimp chowder in the grocery store and brought it to work for lunch (today). I told each of them what it was and told them they should buy it. It’s unusual to find a frozen product worth buying twice! Well done.
Sincerely, Marguerite — repeat consumer for sure.

I found Phillips Cream of Crab Soup while shopping in Durham It is truly wonderful. I returned to that store and purchased all that was in their freezer section. It is difficult to find a soup of this quality and taste.

I would like to provide feedback on your Maryland Style Frozen Crab Cakes and Crab Cake Minis. They are EXCELLENT!! I am from Maryland and I now live in California so I do miss having access to real Maryland crab cakes. You have answered my prayers by providing me a little bit of home on the west coast.

We received your premium crab cakes as a Christmas gift. My husband, a crab cake lover, says he’s NEVER had anything so wonderful.

Hi! I bought the Cream of Crab Soup, and OH MY WORD was it like a bowl of heaven! Thank you for having such wonderful products, being sold here in the Midwest.
Sincerely, Jessica

Just wanted to say thanks for the BEST crab cakes we’ve ever eaten! My fiancée and I live in the Pittsburgh, PA area. We watched a special on Food TV about your processing plant and exactly how the crab cakes were prepared. Just tender, sweet, mouth-watering crab meat!
Thanks — Jim and Dana

I recently tried your frozen crab cakes. I happened to come across them in our local VONS supermarket here in West Los Angeles. The cakes were cooked easily, and they tasted great!
They tasted fresh and full of flavor.
Thank you, and continued success in your business.

I am 74 years old and have lived in Houston, Texas and on the Texas Gulf Coast all my life. Blue crab is my family’s favorite food. One of my daughters and granddaughter came over for dinner tonight and we had a crabmeat salad using a one-pound can of your wonderful crabmeat. I was so happy with the meat. I just wanted you to know how much we enjoyed your product. Thanks and Blessings!

It is not my usual to take time to write with regard to a product that I enjoyed, so here it goes. Having been born in Baltimore in late 1940s, I have enjoyed meals at Phillips many times. My wife purchased from Mars Supermarket a package of the 14 Coconut Mahi Mahi and we had them for dinner (supper) last night — they were G R E A T!! I have emailed five of our friends suggesting that they too give them a try. Good show, well done!

Hi Phillips people! Just want you to know how wonderful we think your crab cakes are. Last year my sister in law gave us a box and the hunt for an awesome crab cake was over. I can’t be persuaded to try any other brand — yours are the best.
Jamie, from Reading, Pennsylvania

Hi. We recently saw a program on the Food Network about your company and your crab cakes. Your crab cakes looked so good on the show; we decided to purchase the “Maryland Style” at our local grocery store. We enjoyed your crab cakes very much, and they will become a staple item in our freezer.
Thank you! Paul & Chris, Ohio

Just had to write to let you know that we have tried some of your frozen soups and LOVE them. Not only are they delicious, but also they are so quick and easy. As a busy mom, I appreciate that!

Hello: I just love to eat at Phillips Seafood Restaurant. I was delighted to see that my local Harris Teeter store sold your products. I purchased the Maryland Style Crab Cakes and they were absolutely delicious! I felt like I was sitting in your restaurant again.
Thanks again, Lisa

Finally, a company that delivers! I am originally from Biloxi, Mississippi where I was spoiled on fresh blue crab, fresh shrimp, flounder, oysters, etc. I can’t tell you how excited I am to finally find a product that comes in a close second behind my Mother’s crab cakes.
Sincerely, Dianna

I bought a pound of Phillips lump crab meat from Costco this week. I have never made anything from crab meat, but wanted to give it a go. I used the recipe on the side of the container (Shirley's) and went to it. WOW! The crab was soooo clean and I didn't find any shells or anything. Thanks for the great recipe and for the highest quality crab known to me.
Thanks so much! Ann

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