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Fish & Shellfish

Gourmet Baby Clams

(6) 1 lb. cans

We wild harvest Phillips Gourmet Baby Clams year-round from the warm waters of Southeast Asia. Our clams are then freshly hand-shucked and pasteurized under the strictest quality control. The result: clean, sweet belly-out clam meat that is pristine and as close to fresh off the boat as you can get.

Our premium baby clams are excellent in soups and chowders and delicious in pasta dishes and sauces. Their sweet, briny flavor and tender texture shines whether fried, broiled or baked. Reserve the clam juice in every can to easily add robust flavor to your seafood soups, sauces, and dips without time-consuming prep work.

Item #17116

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Ingredients: Clams, Clam Juice.

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