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Fish & Shellfish

Mahi Mahi Portions

1-3 oz., (2) 5 lb. bags

Mahi Mahi is fast becoming a favorite of diners in restaurants across the country. The light pink meat has a delicate flavor that is almost sweet. The firm flesh holds well during heating which offers versatile cooking options – bake, broil, or grill. Mahi’s natural flavor can shine through with simple preparation, but this meaty fish can also withstand the strong flavors of sauces and marinades. From casual applications like fish tacos to upscale entreés, Mahi Mahi can fit on any menu. Phillips Mahi Mahi is sourced off the coast of Central South America, where it’s wild-caught and blast frozen to ensure freshness.

Item #19434

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Cooking preparation

1. Thaw under refrigeration before use.
2. Cook until the internal temperature reaches 145°F.



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