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National Fisheries Institute’s Crab Council Elects New Chairman.

Baltimore, MD. – December 18, 2018  — Phillips Foods is pleased to announce the election of Brice Phillips, Director of Club Store Sales, as the Chairman of the National Fisheries Institute (NFI) Crab Council.  This prestigious designation intersects Phillips’ passion and goal to build a sustainable seafood industry.  Phillips believes that the seafood industry has a major responsibility to improve source fisheries to ensure a bountiful supply of safe, sustainable seafood for decades to come.

Brice Phillips has an impressive background in the seafood business, having spent his career with Phillips Foods working side-by-side with his father, Steve Phillips, CEO of Phillips Foods, one of the founding member companies of the NFI Crab Council. He has been responsible at Phillips Foods for leading the business through a period of significant global and market expansion, operating several high-volume restaurants and driving club store growth, all while maintaining his mission of implementing sustainable practices in the seafood industry.

Brice Phillips has served on the Executive Committee of the NFI Crab Council since 2017, helping to approve council agendas and budgets, participating in council calls, and introducing council policy. He sees his election as chairmanship to the NFI Crab Council as a step in the right direction to continue conservation and sustainability efforts. “I am honored to be elected to the chairmanship of the NFI Crab Council,” Brice Phillips says. “As chairman, I will continue moving the blue swimming crab industry toward sustainability, driving the industry forward by implementing fishery improvement programs and broadening the scope of sustainable fisheries and responsible aquaculture.”

The NFI Crab Council was formed in 2009 and is comprised of representatives from a large majority of blue swimming crab importers. Its primary goal is to ensure crab populations, the ecosystems they depend on, and the communities that rely on the fisheries, remain viable now and for generations to come. The Council’s member companies each pledge $.02 per pound of crab meat sold into the U.S., and also initiate and sponsor Fishery Improvement Projects in the crab producing countries of Indonesia, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Vietnam.

“Brice Phillips has been a steward of institutional change in the fishery industry, and for the last year, he has helped us move the needle at NFI Crab Council. His insights, passion and commitment strengthen the council, and we believe his chairmanship will be filled with the same tenacity and rigor he has used through his tenure at Phillips Foods, and that brought sustainability measures to the forefront of the seafood industry,” says Ed Rhodes, NFI Crab Council Executive Director.

About Phillips
Phillips Foods is a family-owned business founded in 1914 and recognized as a leading importer and distributor of crab meat in the United States. Best known for their premium-quality blue swimming crab meat and famous crab cakes, Phillips Foods also produces a full line of seafood appetizers, seafood cakes, soups and entrées for foodservice and retail.

About the National Fisheries Institute Crab Council
As an association of U.S. seafood companies focused on crab sustainability, the NFI Crab Council recognizes the importance of maintaining successful crab fisheries for international businesses as well as local economies. Since 2009, the Crab Council has practiced industry led stewardship, addressing fishery needs through scientific, social and financial channels. Learn more at