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Introducing the NFI Crab Council

The NFI Crab Council is an association of US seafood companies focused on crab sustainability. Steve Phillips organized the first meeting of Blue Swimming Crab importers at the Boston Seafood Show in 2009, where 15 companies pledged to work together as a coalition that became the National Fisheries Institute Crab Council. Since its formation, the NFI Crab Council has practiced industry led stewardship, influencing crab management through funding the five BSC Fishery Improvement Programs throughout Asia. Implementing management frameworks, fishery stock assessment, crab hatcheries, gear exchange programs, sustainability outreach, education and setting sourcing standards are just a few of the ongoing Crab Council funded efforts.

The NFI Crab Council funds its sustainability efforts through support from major foundations such as The Walton Family Foundation and The World Bank. Another funding method is a member tax of 3¢ per pound of crab meat and crab products imported into the United States. As of 2018, NFI Crab Council members have contributed $2.9M to support BSC sustainability efforts.

Major NFI Crab Council Accomplishments:

You can support the NFI Crab Council by purchasing crab meat products featuring their logo:

Learn more about the NFI Crab Council

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