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Cooking preparation

Pan Sauté:
1. For best results steam for 4-5 minutes then allow to sit 1 minute uncovered to allow Pot Sticker wrapper to dry slightly.
2. Place in lightly oiled preheated frying pan over low to medium heat for approximately 4-5 minutes to brown bottom and flat side of Pot Stickers.

1. Place frozen Pot Stickers in a steamer and steam for 8-10 minutes until Pot Stickers are hot inside and internal temperature of 165°F is reached.

CAUTION: May be extremely hot.


Wrapper (Water, Wheat Flour, Salt, Soybean Oil), Filling (Shrimp [vannamei], Cabbage, Mung Bean Paste, Shallot Oil [Soybean Oil, Shallot], Potato Starch, Dry Shiitake Mushroom, Spring Onion, Soy Sauce [Water, Soybean, Wheat, Salt], Sugar, Chive, Garlic, Sesame Oil, Tapioca Starch, Onion Powder, Shrimp Powder [Shrimp, Salt], Salt, Ginger, Breadcrumb [Wheat Flour, Salt, Sugar, Yeast], Egg White Powder, Fish Sauce [Fish (Anchovies), Salt, Sugar], Coriander, Chili Powder).

CONTAINS: Shrimp, Wheat, Soy, Egg, Fish (Anchovies).

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