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Crab Meat

Signature Chef's Blend

(6) 1 lb. cans

A blend of white flake body meat and brown meat from the claws and legs of the crab.

Our new Signature Chef’s Blend Crab Meat combines two equal layers of Special and Claw meat in one 16 oz. can. It’s the perfect blend of delicate, white body meat and sweet brown claw meat, ideal for crab cakes or any recipe that calls for multiple grades. Our Signature Chef’s Blend will make any dish on your menu shine while saving space and cutting costs.

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Cooking preparation

Phillips Crab Meat is fully cooked and ready to eat straight from the container. Be sure to visit the Phillips Recipe Center for hundreds of innovative, creative and delicious recipes using crab meat.


Ingredients: Crab Meat, Sodium Acid Pyrophosphates (SAPP) Added To Prevent The Formation Of Struvite Crystals.

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